Ajanta - Transport & Handling


Transport and handling is one of the most basic and valuable assets in Supply Chain Management (SCM). Globalization of Indian markets, opening markets for trade and business and international economic incorporation have increased the need of transportation, logistics and subsequently SCM. We, at Ajanta Pack Mart, are not exceptions in development of this aspect of business. Day in and day out, our workers toil hard to improve and help satisfy our customers. Based on a well-structured approach towards transport and handling goods, we deem to provide world-class facilities to both, our international and national clientele. Transport and handling is the need of today's business. Proper avenues in this aspect help flourish businesses. A business requires well-maintained and receptive transport facilities that carry out services like on time transport, shipment and delivery of goods.



Like all industries, transportation is highly influenced by information and communication facilities with the main focus on the likes, dislikes and requirements of the customers. End to End Logistics Solutions, Project Cargo Movement, Freight Forwarding, Specialized Transportation Solutions, Custom Clearance, Custom Regulation, ODC (Over Dimension Cargo) Movers, Supply Chain Management, Customized Logistics Solutions, etc. are some of the value added services that are included in this zone.

We handle transportation for LTL, FTL, project cargo, etc. With real time track and trace performance and exhaustive reporting, we at Ajanta Pack Mart ensure statutory compliance in cross border moves to ensure that the cargo reaches on time and within committed reduced costs. We support our client's concern related to safety and security and do our best in overcoming all hurdles related to these factors. Our transparent shipment and delivery system makes it crystal clear for each one of our customers to track their cargo in an efficient and reliable manner.


  • We believe that time is valuable and make sure that the clients are timely informed
  • We have a well-developed infrastructure
  • We are efficient in cargo handling
  • Customization in transportation needs
  • Technical competencies like tracking of cargo and added safety
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Unified value owing to quality handling of equipment