Services - Global Product Sourcing


Countries the world over have always tried to increase the total output of their GDP to gain the status of a developed country amongst all. One of the many ways of increasing productivity in an economy and reducing costs on imports is Global product sourcing as carried out by many commercial manufacturers and service providers existing under international trade business.

Global product sourcing is the practice of sourcing products from the global market for goods and services across geopolitical boundaries. Global Product Sourcing often aims to exploit global efficiencies in the delivery of a product or service. These efficiencies include low cost skilled labor, low cost raw material and low trade tariffs.

The global sourcing of goods and services has significance that can go beyond low cost. Some benefits of global product sourcing, beyond low cost, include faster delivery worldwide, end-to-end solutions, safety & compliance, increasing total supply capacity & satisfying industry standards.

We, at Ajanta Pack Mart, help companies & ensure to increase their overall efficiencies in delivering of products to their clients. We not only focus on efficiency in terms of delivery of products, but our services also make sure of parameters like low-trade tariffs, tax benefits, monitoring product quality, low-cost county sourcing, sourcing advisory, procurement strategies, strategic sourcing, standardization, etc.

While we deliver service of global product sourcing to our clients, we always consider certain aspects which proactively integrate & coordinate common items and materials, processes, designs, technologies, and suppliers across worldwide purchasing, engineering, and operating locations.



Ajanta’s Influential Strategies on Global Product Sourcing

  • Procurement requirement
  • Value discovery: Analyzing markets & rigorously quantifying the value from potential supplier
  • Selecting & contracting: Fully qualifying supplier through on-site audits, sample development & testing, followed by negotiations & supplier contracting
  • Procurement operations: Managing the order fulfillment & supplier performance
  • Value delivered