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Over the past two and a half decades, India has emerged as a sleeping giant in the global economy. Where once, a major chunk of our Gross Domestic Product was contributed by the agricultural sector and the country depended heavily on domestic consumption, today Indian economy is thriving on a strong manufacturing sector and service sector. Not only is the country attracting healthy FDI, various multi-national companies are setting up business here and raking in millions. Experts believe that domestic consumption in India is expected to grow four fold in real terms from USD 378 billion to USD 1.56 trillion by 2025.

“However, despite this dramatic growth and ever increasing demand, India still struggles with bringing the cost of business down. Due to the lack of proper logistics infrastructure that can drive supply chain efficiencies, it is expensive to trade in India. While most developed economies have managed to restrict logistics cost for all manners of business within the range of 8 to 9%, in India this cost continues to remain as high as 14%. Despite the fact that the economy is attracting several global brands and is fast becoming a trading hub, this crippling logistic condition could dissuade many from expanding or diversifying. This is the market gap which Ajanta Packmart is attempting to fill with innovative logistics and warehousing solutions.”

With an annual growth rate of 35%, India is currently ranked at 13th position worldwide in terms of imports. In terms of exports, however, even if India had a late start, our WTO ranking is 20 with an annual growth rate of 31%. This is a clear indicator of the growing trade potential in India. Furthermore, with a 7000 km coastline and a mammoth inland geography, the need for a robust logistics infrastructure is undeniable. Despite the growing manufacturing and retail sector, the country struggles with poor freight conditions. Over 65% of freight is transported through the road network and close to 30% is transported through the rail network. And although there is a burgeoning demand for containerized freight transportation, the containerization levels in India are at 25% only, against a global average of 70%. As the private sector has only recently started participating in rail transport; the scope for logistics management is massive and still largely untapped in India.

In a market that is clearly waiting for the change, Ajanta has taken the step in the right direction by creating Free Trade and Warehousing zones. We have based our operations near Mundra Port and Kandla Port in Gujarat. This Free Trade and Warehousing Zone is designed on stringent quality standards of international market and has brought the trade opportunity to India which was previously akin to countries like Dubai and Singapore.

Ajanta has partnered with almost every global brand and is proud to grow this client list on an on-going basis. Over the years of our association, we have partnered with every client beyond offering standard solutions and gone on to create customized and value added services. We have established ourselves as strategic business partners for every client instead of just being a third party service provider. Our unique business model enables us to transform complex supply chain requirements into sublime business solutions. In line with our vision of “Working together with harmony”, we capitalize on our technological competencies, superior human asset and vital soft skills to offer best in industry services.

We have diversified our services to match a wide spectrum of needs of our customers. Specializing in transportation and handling, bonded warehousing in FTWZs for imports, exports and re-exports, Domestic consolidation and de-consolidation in Industrial and Distributions hubs, Ajanta has grown to be an end to end solution provider. Every single customer association is customized as per company and sector specific needs. Our customers have chosen to avail singular services and grown to accept our multi-dimensional supply chain solutions. The Free Trade Warehousing zone at our Mundra and Kandala port hub has enable our customers to effectively extend their international supply chains to India.

But this is just the beginning of our journey and we are poised to capture the phenomenal opportunity which Indian market has to offer over the coming year. Even though, logistics sector in India is yet to compete at a global level, Ajanta has taken the initiative of amalgamating modern technology with business sense and creating intelligent trading platforms. We have leaped across the growth curve of the sector and there is no other competitor who can match our comprehensive services and products. This ability to innovate and execute has made us market leaders and we will continue to strive for this position by creating game changing solutions. As the Indian economy progresses towards building lasting infrastructure and fruitful international trade ties, Ajanta will be there to offer supply chain solutions and outstanding trade platforms.

- Rakesh Gupta

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